About Us

Prestige Wealth Management is a Singapore-Indonesia based company, built to serve, protect and grow our client’s wealth, health and everyone around. Together with Singapore-based Prestige Risk Management, and alongside with our insurance providers worldwide, we provide the best solution based on our client’s needs aligned with their personal and corporate goals.

As a representative of insurance companies, we provide a one-stop solution to customer’s goals & objectives as we listen to their needs & requisite before exploring together to analyse the best solution.

As part of Prestige Wealth Management, we work together with our partners and colleagues based on trust and responsibility.

We believe that if we want to care of other we must care for ourself, in our company, we put our family-employee above our needs and working together to make a difference and together we build a stong company.

Alvin Youw

Alvin Youw is a Financial Services Director at one of Asia’s top Financial Institutions with more than 9 years of financial experience.

Alvin Youw is a motivated entrepreneur, owning the directorship and being the Principal Consultant of various companies in South East Asia. Beginning his career in the financial industry at aged 21, fresh after serving the army, he made a life-changing decision to forsake his business studies at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) to embark on a journey to pursue his goal of becoming a successful financier.

By 2012, he has already achieved several titles, such as Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Associate Financial Consultant by insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS), Associate Estate planning Practitioner (AEPP) by wealth College as well as Diploma in Financial Planning. He is also a motivational speaker and a trainer for Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has given talks to different industries and has spoken in numerous seminars to give sound financial advice and to educate others on wealth management.



Jane Marcella

Jane Marcella executive associate to the director


Prestige wealth is known for ensuring people having their wealth planned out. Moreover, we will strive to be the top and emerge as the leading wealth management company in ASIA. Having our base in Singapore and Indonesia, we have set our vision in venturing into many cities worldwide and helping individuals to achieve their financial aspiration.

Believe us, as we have achieved success with our 10 years of experience and won numerous awards across financial industry by serving every satisfied client with our top notch mangers and financial consultant as they are all very well trained with multiple prestigious qualifications in financial industry. Therefore, we are proud to announce we are one of the best organizations in Singapore as we have grown to be one of the top multinational companies.


Achieving success with 10 years of experience serving satisfied clients. We have grown to be the top organization in one of the top multinational company. We won numerous awards across the financial industry. Being pride as one of the best organization in Singapore, we continue to groom top-notch managers.

Furthermore, all our financial consultants are very well trained with multiple prestigious qualifications in financial industry.