Career Prospect

The Agent can choose their path, where they will first learn the leadership roles by becoming an Associate Manager, and be promoted to be a full fledge Manager, then Senior Manager and Director. Ultimately, they will reach the highest roll of honour of becoming part of the Company Partner.

For those who just want to pursue their career as a Professional Financial Consultant serving the needs of the clients in the wealth management arena, we also will have another route for them to take on. Those focusing on servicing the needs of the consumer will be promoted from Financial Consultant to Senior Financial Consultant, then Executive Financial Consultant and lastly the honorary Prestige Financial Consultant. All these recognition comes with not just the title difference, but also additional benefits that they will receive upon achieving the rank.


Monetary Rewards

A Potentially agent can earn from doing sales.We offer a competitive salary, outstanding benefits and the professional advantages of an environment that supports our employees’ development and recognizes their achievements.

Gross Comparison by Profession

Private Bank Manager / Aviation Pilot / Private Bank Director VS Financial Consultant


  • Statistic of Pilot’s and Banker’s pay gained from and data
  • Income for financial consultant shown is purely commission and bonuses earned and exclude incentives given.


The rewards and incentives will be given to the agent whoever hitting on certain targets. We have our Newbie incentive for BALI trip!! Agents also entitle to the commission as the minimum target achieved.